Project Iceland

Booth Clibborn Editions 2008

The first overview of contemporary Icelandic art, fashion and musical talent gives insight into this creative community through photography and interviews with key figures. In addition to a comprehensive visual document of creativity, the book is presented with an exclusive 16 track CD featuring music from a wide range of genres from rock, electro, punk, classical and hiphop produced by the author and critically acclaimed producer/recording artist Valgeir Sigurdsson who also appears on the album.

Published by Booth-Clibborn Editions, the esteemed publisher responsible for books by Damien Hirst, Charles Saatchi, Sam-Taylor Wood and Dazed & Confused, it sold at galleries and bookstores across the world and is now sold out.

"Stylist and photographer Charlie Strand intimately catalogues the country's music, art and fashion scenes." - Dazed & Confused
"Curated by Charlie Strand, Project Iceland profiles Iceland's hottest new wave of creative talent. From fashion designers, to artists and musicians, it's an insightful delight of Iceland's most talented." - ID Magazine